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Peer Review

Davis Kinard can offer you many knowledgeable and priceless insights through our distinct Peer Review program.

Through this program, we strive to utilize this process for what it truly is - a unique and fresh view into the everyday workings of your company.

  • Davis Kinard begins by reviewing your audits and the general structure of your business to fully understand your position.
  • While working with your staff members, we assure only minimal disruptions and our time with your staff will be limited to only what is necessary.
  • Davis Kinard also offers the promise of absolute confidentiality and integrity during this procedure and after the exit meeting has taken place.
  • In a final exit meeting Davis Kinard will professionally present the issues that arose during our course of work at your business and offer our professional opinion on how the issues should be addressed.

Let Davis KinardÂ’'s proven and trustworthy credibility guide you in the Peer Review process.

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