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Financial Institution

Now Proudly Serving 70 Banks

External Audit Services

Davis Kinard is proud of its more than 80 years of experience in accounting and external auditing services. We are able to provide external auditing experience for a variety of businesses, from privately owned to large banks and holding companies. Staff members receive bank specific training and are skilled in profitability consulting in order to maximize our clientÂ’s potential to grow. While external audits can be a complicated and difficult situation, our clients rest at ease knowing they are being thoroughly evaluated by a firm that personally cares about their well-being.

Tax Services

Davis Kinard offers a full-service tax department. From tax planning and preparation to profit analysis and specialized areas such as franchise tax planning, our financial experts have more than 80 combined years of experience. We are able to provide solid advice and the highest quality service.

Assurance and Advisory Services

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has changed the landscape of the banking industry, requiring financial institutions to reform many of their policies and procedures to stay current with regulations. If you are feeling buried in paperwork, let us elevate you to success.

Our highly trained staff has an outstanding reputation when it comes to analyzing and delivering reports in an accurate and timely manner. Professionals at Davis Kinard have obtained numerous industry specific certifications to provide the expertise your business needs, meeting all audit requirements in compliance with all laws. With a nationwide clientele, Davis Kinard staff have experience performing internal audits for many years.

As your internal control and audit team, we can establish consistent internal controls and audit programs. We will also maintain programs that satisfy regulatory requirements. In addition, we offer programs and policies that go beyond requirements and aid in preventing losses.

Davis Kinard offers the following audit services, as well as how often they need to be conducted:

Davis Kinard also offers other services including fraud investigation, procedure reviews with detailed recommendations for increasing accuracy and efficiency, and compliance programs, customizing all aspects of your internal business to run smoothly according to your needs.

Let Davis Kinard's proven and trustworthy credibility guide you to a stable financial foundation.

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