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CEO Letter

On behalf of everyone here at Davis Kinard & Co, PC, thank you for visiting our website. If this is your first introduction to Davis Kinard, we welcome the opportunity for you to learn more about us and get better acquainted with our company. If you are already a valued client, we hope that you will be able to utilize the resources located here to become even better acquainted with our team and the different ways that we can assist you and help meet your needs.

On our home page across the top you will find links that will make navigating our site easy. To find out more about Davis Kinard, click on About DK. Here you can learn about the DK Philosophy and you can also find out more about our management team. You’ll get to learn about their backgrounds, accounting experience and find direct contact information.

Under Services, we list the various ways we can assist you, broken down into different focus areas, to allow for easier navigation. We offer a wide range of services to meets the needs from individuals all the way to large corporations. At DK, we go above and beyond and offer services normally not found at accounting firms to meet all of your needs in one place. From audits to payroll to financial planning to tax services to fraud services and more, Davis Kinard strives to help you where you need it.

Our Tax Tools and Financial Guides sections offer you quick resources to get the answers you are seeking. Whether it’s things you are considering for the future – saving for college or retirement, succession planning for a family business, how to get a loan, or perhaps questions you need answered right away, like how long do I need to keep my financial records, these sections are laid out in a easily searchable format that allows you to easily find what you need and more. And, as always, we are here and would gladly help you go into more detail on anything listed.

Finally, please do visit our contact page. Here you will find the contact information for all of our offices, including phone numbers and emails for each location. We also provide a map and driving directions for you to utilize, if you are unfamiliar on how to get to our offices.

Since its foundation in 1929, Davis Kinard has flourished by focusing on our clients and meeting their needs. Our core values, quality, integrity and knowledge allow us to bring our very best to each of our clients in order to help them achieve their goals. DK team members continue to grow and strive for excellence to meet and exceed our client’s expectations and are always open to suggestions on how to improve on our service as well. We hope you will consider the DK promise of professional assistance at a personal level in all of your financial endeavors.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to the chance to meet with you and further develop our relationship.

Russell Guthrie, CPA