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Internal Audit

Internal Audits are exceptionally significant to the profitability of your company, especially to those companies with a high rate of growth or those looking for more flexibility in their budget. Internal Audits not only improve your company, but also your clientele. Audited companies offer clients the most resourceful and valuable services possible since they have implemented better ways of doing business. The experienced staff at Davis Kinard are highly skilled and ready to help you make the necessary adjustments to your company through an internal audit.

As a client, you will receive the full attention of our staff, and the resources we have to offer when conducting an internal audit. Elements of an internal audit can include:

  • Reengineering Your Company - Regardless of the size of your company, there is always room for improvement. We can help you reframe even the smallest details of your business in order to help it run as proficiently as possible.
  • Co-sourcing/Outsourcing For Your Company - Working directly with the leadership already established in your existing company, we will aid you in streamlining your business process.
  • Quality Assurance Review and Your Company - This detailed process reviews your company financially to ensure you are in compliance with the standards set by the International Internal Audit Institute. It is also useful for identifying the efficiency of your use of human resources.
  • Risk Based Internal Audit Planning For Your Company - We work hand in hand with the proprietors, senior staff and shareholders of your company to create a well balanced Internal Audit plan. It will take into account all possible risks, and rewards.
  • Risk Assessment For Your Company - Davis Kinard takes the time to carefully examine the potential risks our clients are currently facing based on the current organization of their company. The risks detected will then be the subject of an internal audit in the upcoming year.
  • Subject Matter Specialization and Your Company – If needed Davis Kinard can specialize in specific fields such as fraud, treasury, technology, and many others, to help ease the process of adjusting to your new system.

Let Davis Kinard's proven and trustworthy credibility guide you to a stable financial foundation.

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